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IMG STAGELINE GNL-214 - 15" Standard Brightness LED Gooseneck Lamp with BNC Connector

This gooseneck light has a built-in rectifier so it can be supplied with AC or DC of either polarity.

The standard brightness LED head is fixed to the gooseneck. There is also a more expensive high-brightness version of this LED light and a version with a 5W bulb.


  • Economy version with low power consumption
  • 4 white LEDs of high luminous intensity
  • 12 V, 35 mA
  • Wide beam angle
  • BNC connector
  • Length: 38 cm
Running the light at different voltages
I set up all 3 of the IMG lights side by side to compare the high brightness LED, the standard brightness LED and the 5W bulb. I then ran them at different voltages and took photos of them illuminating a keyboard and also looking straight at the lamp side.
  • 13.2V - As you might get in a vehicle
  • 12V - the nominal operating voltage
  • 9V - to see how they ran on a lower voltage
  • 6V - the lowest voltage able to make the LED models light
  • 5V - the "Dim" position on some consoles.

It is not particularly clear in the photos but the high brightness model gives quite a bit more light than the standard LED one. Both LED models are whiter than the bulb, especially at reduced voltages. As you can see, you will need a minimum of 5V to get any illumination from the bulb and 6V from the LED models.

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