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BEHRINGER Super-X Pro CX3400

BEHRINGER Super-X Pro CX3400
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BEHRINGER Super-X Pro CX3400 - High-Precision Stereo 2-Way/3-Way/Mono 4-Way Crossover with Limiters

The CX3400 is an active frequency crossover enabling 2 or 3-way stereo or even 4-way mono operation. Each band features two 24-dB Linkwitz-Riley filters, as well as individual IGC limiters, while the integrated delay enables flexible time alignment. Polarity switches for each output allow quick and easy runtime compensation for various driver and horn types.


  • 24 dB/octave, state-variable Linkwitz-Riley filters for precise frequency separation
  • Absolutely flat summed amplitude response, zero phase difference
  • Individual limiter and phase reverse switch per output
  • Adjustable time delay for phase alignment between drivers
  • Switchable 25 Hz subsonic filter per input for low-frequency driver protection
  • "Low Sum" function provides low-level mono output for subwoofer operation
  • Switchable equalization for constant directivity horns
  • Shielded toroidal mains transformer for minimal noise interference

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