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STEDMAN PS101 Custom

STEDMAN PS101 Custom
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STEDMAN PS101 Custom Proscreen - 11cm Metal Pop Screen and Gooseneck

The Stedman PS101 Custom replaces the PS101.

The PS101 Custom adds a heavy duty plastic surround to the previous 101 design. Otherwise the specification is the same as the original PS101.

The Proscreen PS101 Custom is a professional high quality pop filter that will provide excellent burst prevention for music vocal tracks and voice over recording applications.

The PS101 Custom has a has a 4.6 inch diameter metal screen and a 13 inch long heavy duty adjustable gooseneck.

The Proscreen pop filter is far more effective than fabric filters. Instead of simply diffusing bursts, the Proscreen redirects airflow downward away from the microphone capsule. Even with close vocal work, the Proscreen pop filter will not allow popping "P's" or "B's" to reach the microphone. The large openings in the metal screen allow vocal sound to pass through to the microphone unobstructed and uncolored, preserving critical recorded detail.

The patented Proscreen filter material and the high strength metal alloy clamp are both finished with a durable powder coating that will last a lifetime of recording sessions.

The gooseneck is covered with a heavy duty vinyl shrink material keeping the flexible gooseneck protected and offering lower noise while adjustments are made. Stedman Proscreens feature a high quality clamping knob with a soft Nylon tip to protect valuable studio equipment from scratches.

Lifetime warranty is included with the Stedman Proscreen PS101 Custom and all Stedman products.


  • Length: 500mm / 20 inches
  • Screen diameter: 117mm / 4.6"
  • Weight: 165g / 5.8 oz
  • Clamp range: 13mm to 21mm / 0.5" to 0.85"

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