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DIGIDESIGN DPP-1 - Pitch Processor Plug-In for Pro Tools TDM

The Digidesign DPP-1 Pitch Processor Plug-In brings high-quality, 24-bit pitch change and delay processing to the Pro Tools TDM environment. The DPP-1 can operate in mono or stereo modes, and supplies up to 4 octaves of high-quality stereo pitch transposition on single or multiple mixer channels.

With easy on-screen editing and program storage, and the ability to run multiple pitch processors for the price of one software Plug-In, the DPP-1 can do the work of multiple standalone pitch processors - at a far lower cost.

The DPP-1 Pitch Processor supplies an intuitive user interface that utilizes musical staff notes and octave switches for up to 4 octaves of stereo pitch change, adjustable in semi-tones or cents. Clicking on a musical note value on the on-screen staff allows quick navigation to new pitches. In addition to pitch change, the DPP-1 supplies an additional delay line with up to 125 ms. of delay per channel, with positive or negative feedback. Signal presence and internal clipping metering is provided.

The DPP-1 Pitch Processor's internal 24-bit processing and high-quality deglitching pitch change algorithm provides excellent sound quality, while its easy-to-use software interface makes operation straightforward.

Pro Tools TDM systems supply a versatile mixing and processing environment, allowing you to use the DPP-1 Pitch Processor on single or multiple channels, which can come from any input source: disk playback, live input, TDM-equipped SampleCell II Plus, etc.

Libraries of parameter settings can be saved and loaded by using the Pro Tools Plug-In Librarian. With additional DSP power available, you can run multiple DPP-1 Pitch Processors simultaneously - and do the work of multiple pitch processors for the price of one software plug-in.

Note: DPP-1 is included as a free DigiRack plug-in named DigiRack Pitch with Pro Tools TDM 6.0 and higher.


  • Professional-quality, 24-bit stereo pitch processing for TDM-based Pro Tools systems
  • Independent processing control over left and right channels
  • 4-octave pitch range
  • Delay processing with feedback
  • Cost-effective - Run multiple pitch processors simultaneously
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive software interface
  • Automation features, including dynamic TDM Plug-In automation

System Requirements:

  • Digidesign approved Pro Tools TDM system running 4.0 software or higher

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