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SAMSON SP01 - Spider Mount - Suspension Shock Mount for C01, C03 and CL7 Condenser Mics

This suspension mount will fit several models in Samson's condenser mic range and many other mics too. Use it to isolate your mic from unwanted vibrations such as footsteps and traffic noise. It is usually used the other way up from the way it is pictured. It has a standard thread adaptor and so will fit almost all mic stands.

For best results when recording vocals, you may also wish to consider the Samson PS01 Pop Filter which we also keep in stock.

The SP01 is intended for:

  • Samson C01
  • Samson C01U
  • Samson C03
  • Samson C03U
  • Samson CL7
  • Samson CL8

Use with other makes of microphone
The SP01 will fit many other mics either straight out of the box or with a little ingenuity. It is well made and so much cheaper than many manufacturer's own models that it can be well worth the effort. The mount has a threaded ring that screws into the bottom of the mic. Fortunately, many manufacturers have chosen the same fitting. It does not fit any Neumanns as far as I know. If you buy this for a mic other than a Samson one, we will only accept it back if the locking ring has not been removed. Removing it entails prying it off with a large screwdriver and so may mark the paint. With some mics you may require a packing piece or spacer if the thread will not fully tighten. A rubber O-ring is ideal but a rubber band or even a piece of cardboard will suffice. If you can add or improve my list, please get in touch. Our own tests, research and customer responses indicate that this suspension mount also fits:
  • ADK (Some models)
  • AKG Perception 100 (To be confirmed)
  • AKG Perception 120 (To be confirmed)
  • AKG Perception 120 USB (To be confirmed)
  • AKG Perception 200 (To be confirmed)
  • AKG Perception 220 (To be confirmed)
  • AKG Perception 400 (To be confirmed)
  • AKG Perception 420 (To be confirmed)
  • ART (Most models)
  • Audio-Technica AT2020 USB (But will need a spacer)
  • Audio-Technica ATR2500 USB
  • Behringer C-1
  • Behringer C-1U
  • Behringer C-3
  • Blue Baby Bottle (But will need a spacer)
  • Dragon CM25
  • Groove Tubes GT55
  • Heil PR30 (But remove the locking ring and use the one from the mic)
  • Heil PR40 (But remove the locking ring and use the one from the mic)
  • Joemeek TB-47 Tube Meekrophone
  • M-Audio (Some models)
  • MXL 007.USB
  • MXL USB.008
  • MXL 4000
  • MXL V63M
  • MXL V67G (But remove the locking ring and use the one from the mic)
  • MXL 910 (Fits but the hole is a bit big)
  • MXL 990
  • MXL Cube
  • Oktava MK 220 (But remove the locking ring and use the one from the mic)
  • Pluto Vocalist
  • Rode K2
  • Rode NT1-A
  • Rode Podcaster (But remove the locking ring and use the one from the mic)
This list is (c) Boomerang Sounds 2014

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